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GASP Residential Product Details

GASP residential is available in two different packages -GASP Everyday is for people who simply want to use the internet for surfing and email and such things.GASP Unlimited is for people who can't help but fill their hard drives and don't want to have to worry about excess megabyte charges or being slowed down.

Below we have compared the two connections side by side.

A good option for people who:


Monthly megabyte allowance:

Std monthly charge (exGST):

Excess data usage:

GASP Unlimited:
Want a fast broadband connection to upload or download files, have multiple users, play video, music, movies & games

*256Kbps International & up to 3Mbps National




GASP Everyday:
Want to have a fast connection that is always on, for high speed internet, email and games

*256Kbps International & up to 3Mbps National

1.5GB (int.) 10GB (nat.)


10c a megabyte

All prices are exclusive of GST.

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