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GASP Questions

Q: What's so special about GASP?

A: With GASP there's no need to dial up, the service is always on, and we're the only company providing this kind of broadband service at this very reasonable price.

Q: What does "always on" mean?

A: With GASP, when you turn your computer on, you are automatically connected to the internet. There is no need to use a phoneline to dial up the service.
You can leave your computer on or switch it off and return to surf later without any need to re-dial.

Q: How fast is it really?

A: GASP is very fast - 256kb per second for International traffic and up to 3 megabits per second for national traffic. As a comparison, basic modem dial-up is 56kb per second. Other broadband services offer speeds from 128kbps whichis too slow for most users. GASP is wireless technology and is not restricted by many of the issues other technology has.

Q: What is wireless?

A: Our wireless network works much in the same way as a television broadcast does. A transmitting station broadcasts the signal across a very large area, and those users within this region can pick up the service.

Q: How can more than one person get on the internet at once?

A: Because GASP does not use phonelines, there can be any number of people surfing at once - the kids can play games, Mum can shop on-line and Dad can retrieve those files from his office all at the same time.

Q: Is GASP secure?

A: As with any computer network, we recommend the use of firewalls, virus protection software, and VPNs ( Virtual Private Networks ) for those wanting the utmost in security. Our staff are happy to discuss your needs with you.

Q: Do I have to have a big dish put on my house?

A: Depending on your location you may need no antenna at all, or the biggest antenna we use is smaller than your average television antenna.

Q: Can I really surf on the deck?

A: We can put together customised packages for you that enable you to roam around your house and outside with your laptop, providing true freedom to do your work.

Q: Is wireless safe?

A: Wireless is proven to be perfectly safe for users. There are no ambivalent reports on the effects of wireless internet, and our power output restrictions are far below what could be considered having an effect on people or animals.

Q: I don't have Internet at the moment, do I need an ISP as well as a GASP connection?

A: GASP is your ISP. Once the installation is complete we are here 24/7 to assist you.

Q: I already have an ISP, can I still get GASP?

A: As GASP is your ISP, you would not need your existing ISP. We can work with you to organise your email if you have had your current address for a long time.

Q: How long will it take to install?

A: Our average install time is 1 hour. We will set up your PC so when we leave, you'll be surfing the internet at high speed.

Q: How do I get GASP?

A: Call 0800699473 or email us to arrange a time for us to call round to inspect your property and decide the best location for the installation.

Q: What are the installation and equipment costs?

A: Depending on how tricky the installation will be, to ensure you get the best GASP connection you may need up to $199 of wireless equipment. The installation costs $99 and is a one off charge, which will be offset in the savings you will make from the low monthly fees and huge megabyte allocation.

Q: Will I have to change my email address?

A: If you want to keep your existing email address we can work with you to make sure you don't miss out on your important emails.

Q: I live in an apartment block - will GASP work for me?

A: GASP is ideal for apartments, being wireless there are no extra cables required for each apartment. Often one installation of GASP technology can service many people in the apartment complex.

Q: I am a small business, can I get GASP too?

A:We have special rates for businesses and community groups and would need to meet first to discuss your particular needs. Contact us to arrange an appointment.



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